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What will leaving email behind be about? (part 2)

February 6th. Twenty three days to go until I give up email (find out why I’m giving up email). What is going on right now as I get ready for it?

First – my fears:

  • It will frustrate and create work for people I care about
  • I will slip back into it
  • I’ll miss something important

Second – my motivations:

  • Spend the day in the stuff I’m working on, not the stuff people want me to work on
  • Reduce context switching and the barcode day
  • Spend more time ‘in the tribe’ and less time outside of it (thanks Jack Hubbard)
  • Reduce anxiety and checky-checky
  • Have more conversations
  • Save the earth’s precious resources (those bytes don’t grow on trees you know. Oh hang on…..)

Third – what I’m reading:


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