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How I’m leaving email behind (Part 3)

I’ve already share why I’m giving up email and what that is all about. Here’s how I’m doing it.

Over the four weeks since (inspired by Lou Shackleton and her email sabbatical in January and Jack Hubbard’s #OfficeNotRequired campaign), I decided to put email aside as my main comms tool, I’ve been working on the how.

The how has led me to conclude that:

  • Never ever using email is inconvenient. For me, for others. It’s an over reaction.
  • Email is the most convenient way to share or receive one-off small documents or written details with someone you don’t collaborate with in a system like slack. So let’s keep using it for that. (“Can you tweet me those flight details?” “Um, no.”)
  • But that’s all I want to use it for
  • Oh, and for system registrations/booking confirmations etc. I don’t think Cineworld will personally whatsapp me my receipts just yet.

So how am I managing it?

Firstly, I’m communicating with my friends and colleagues that:

  • I’m no longer using email as my primary tool
  • I will fish important emails out of my inbox a few times a week
  • Whatsapp, slack and the plain old brick phone (hello…? HELLO! I’m on my PHONE!!) are the best ways to contact me
  • We can c0-contribute to communities that we share via slack and Facebook and possibly even Linkedin – let’s take our 1:1 conversation wider.
  • If you ever completely stuck, you can find me on Linkedin and message me there. I’m not going off grid, just off email.

And how have I set up my world?

  • Auto responder on all my email accounts saying roughly ^^
  • Signature messages on whatsapp, linkedin etc explaining that I don’t use email as my primary tool
  • Keep Mail closed apart from a quick check every couple of days
  • Get used to ignoring stuff. If it’s important, they’ll find a way to get me to do it.

That’s it 🙂


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