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Three ways to humanise your communication at work (and save time)

helen_gamevyThree things I learnt this morning at Spark The Change conference from @helenislovely about how real people at Places for People humanise their communication. Communication actually doesn’t need to be efficient as much as it needs to be effective. Try these:

1. Read your emails aloud

Does it sound like a human? No? Ok, rewrite it. Read it again.

2. Shoot the messenger (which is probably you)

Trying to communicate a message about what matters to someone or a group of people? Video the person that it matters to explaining why it matters to them, or what it’s like when it isn’t right. Share it with the people who need to hear this message. Stand back and let them interpret the message and self-organise to respond to it.

3. Don’t email, speak

However beautifully you craft your email, it probably takes an hour and it may only go to 12 people. Here’s an idea. Call them and tell them yourself. My tip – leave a whatsapp message to convey your tone in 60 seconds (the part that takes the whole hour to convey in an email). Talk more, email less. Use your voice, use your ears, use tone.


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